The Teaching and Learning of EFL at a Pre-International Standardized School

Rasyid, Fathor (2010) The Teaching and Learning of EFL at a Pre-International Standardized School. IAIN Kediri.

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The world around us changes Very guickly. Our teaching situation—thefacilities, objectives, and environment—has Cchanged too. The characteris-tics of our students now—their learning motivation, learning styles and strat-egies, as well as behaviors—are different from, say, ten years ago. Conse-Yuently, keeping up with the changes and how to deal with them are ofParamount importance, particularly with respect to any changes related tothe teaching and learning process. We do realize that learning how to teachwell will never come to an end. It is for this reason that engaging in profes-Sional development activities will lead us to both empowerment and inspi-ration. Being in charge of our own professional growth as teachers can helpto keep us excited about our work and can get rid of what the so-calledexhaustion, a syndrome of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, andreduced personal accomplishment that can occur among individual (Bailey,Curtis, & Nunan, 2001). It probably happens to all of us. As teachers, wesometimes feel emotionally exhausted, fell depersonalized, and lack per-sonal accomplishment. If we undergo these emotional conditions, how canwe help our students learn well? Teachers should manage the classroomwell and they are responsible for a large amount of variables in the class-room— materials, the type and order of activities, feedback, error correc-tion, and the class dynamic, that is the creation of lively, friendly as well asconducive situation for learning (Lindsay & Knight, 2006).

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