Kita Masih Murji’ah: Mencari Akar Teologis Pemahaman Keagamaan Umat Islam di Indonesia

Saleh, Fauzan (2011) Kita Masih Murji’ah: Mencari Akar Teologis Pemahaman Keagamaan Umat Islam di Indonesia. TSAQAFAH, 7 (2). pp. 215-236.

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Generally speaking, Muslims’ life, be it in socio-cultural, political, or economic aspects, is determined by one’s theological insight. Probably, it might not be fully realized, since the theological outlook is by nature latent, being integrated into one’s inner life. However, it has a considerable contribution to constructing one’s weltanschauung. It is true that theology is the knowledge about God. Yet, human understanding about God, who He is, and how human should establish his or her relationship with Him, will disclose the veracity of human behavior and conduct. Theology, being not so far different from philosophy, may play an instrumental role in the shaping of one’s principle of life. Up to now, one of the most influential theological doctrines in Islam is the one formulated by the Murji’ites. This theological school of thought emerged in the same period as some other contemporaneous sects, the Kharijite, and the Mu’tazilite..Today, these theological schools have in effect disappeared, and thus they are not recognized any longer. Nevertheless, some elements of Murji’ite doctrines remain influential, being integrated into the currently surviving Islamic theological school, the Sunnite. Characteristically, the Murji’ite tends to be permissive, less decisive, and is allowing the moral problems that occur in human life to be solved by God alone, not by human. It is believed that only God can judge.

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