imam annas, mushlihin (2007) PEMIKIRAN FIQH SOSIAL K.H. M.A. SAHAL MAHFUDH. Realita, 05 (02). pp. 39-57. ISSN 2502-860X

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Until now is recognized two kinds of approach that is dominant in study fiqh, that is approach of formalis and historical approach. Two above approachs has not felt is enough in explaining fully how a law process runs in condition of certain public, which in many things influenced by a process social-political orbiting it. For the reason, required an new approach placing fiqh at context " sosiologis and historical" . This last approach which has been gone through KH. MA. Sahal Mahfudh which then bears idea "fiqh social". This research done description of idea Kiai Sahal about fiqh social, reasoning of social and intellectual influencing him in formulating fiqh social, and methodological framework of expansion of fiqh social. From this research yielded conclusion that "fiqh social" be new discourse of idea of fiqh in tradition Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU) in one last decades, where KH. MA. Sahal Mahfudh is one of the figure NU which very concern for expansion of fiqh social. According to him, fiqh social paradigm based on sight that purpose of shari'at Islam is for prosperity for every man. Thereby, fiqh must always read in context resolving of problem a real social complex. Expansion of fiqh is an undoubtedly based on read to social reality that is always changes. Expansion effort of fiqh social can be done, good in qaulî and also in manhajî. In qaulî expansion of fiqh can be done by doing contextualisation of yellow book or through expansion of example of the application of methods ushul fiqh and also qawa'id fiqhiyah. While in manhajî, expansion of fiqh can be done by integrating hikmah law into 'illah law, or integrates understanding pattern of pure qiyasi with understanding patterns orienting at maqâshid al-syarî'ah. Kata kunci: fiqh social, fiqh qaulî, fiqh manhajî

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