M. Akib, Muslim (2007) IJTIHAD IMAM TIRMIZI DALAM MENENTUKAN KRITERIA HADIS HASAN. Realita, 05 (02). pp. 16-37. ISSN 2502-860X

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This study discusses three points, (1) the concept of Tirmizi abaut qualification of tradition (hadis) quality; (2) The rules used by him to determine the good(hasan) tradition with its limits; and (3) the aplication and the consequence of tirmizi`s thought om the tradition study. On determination of tradition quality, the previous scholars only gave two alternetive: recognized(maqbul) or recognized (mardud). They had determined rules and limit for both. But the late scholars, include tirmizi, had given a new nuance on the developmentof this tradition. Tirmizi has classified the tradition into three, not two part, namely of sound(sahih), good(hasan) and weak(da`if). He gave three criteria in good tradition, namely: (1)the transmitters mus not be accused of being liar; (2) the tradition did not contain discordancy; (3) it was transmitted by other ttansmitter. this rules impresses unstrict and it was proved on his books. The concept developed by Tirmizi influence not only on the technical terms of the tradition-lately being standar terms-but also there was new terms from combination of good(hasan), for example hasan sahih, hasan garib, hasan sahih garib etc. on the late development, the thought of Tirmizi has been giving significant influence on the development for terms of tradition. Syuhudi Ismail said with his three concept of tradition. Tirmizi has contributed on the development of tradition discourse. So that it could be found the terms like: hasan lighairihi, hasan lizatihi, sahih lighairihi and sahih lizatihi. Kata kunci: Ijtihad, Imam Tirmizî, Hasan

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